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    Olympic rowing gold medallist Andy Hodge helped to add a little sparkle to the event.Spectators braved continual rain - watching as oarsme▓n on kayaks paddled through the throng of duc▓ks.An investment of two pounds, buys an entry in the race. The donor who backs

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    the first duck across the finish line takes away the first prize of 10,000 Sterling.Beijing's most famous dish is proving to be a hit▓ with athletes in the Olympic Village, who do not even have to step out of the area to enjoy the treat."I ▓like the Peking Duck,"

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    said Cyrille Gombrowicz, a badminton coach from France, in the village cafe▓teria last week."It's very special."Dipped in sweet plum sauce and wrapped with spring onion in a thin ▓pancake, the succulent slices of roast duck is now a must-have on most plates in the

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along London's River Thames. Olympic gold medallist A

ndy Hodge served as the official starter for the Great

British Duck Race.Hundred▓s of thousands

village.A special kitchen in the village cafeteria makes sure the dish▓ is served adequately

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."Asian food is always popular," said Matthew Moss, operations directo▓r of Olympic caterer A

ng the River Thames through London, Sun▓d

ramark."We couldn't have had a station without Peking duck.The kitchen serves 300 ducks ▓dail

ay.The "Great British Duck Race" played ou

y, he said. The fowl are so popular stocks are out by 8 pm.Aramark has hired chefs from Qu▓an


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jude, the 136-year-old Peking duck chain, to ensure auth▓enticity of the dish."We adapted our kitchen to make sure everything is prepared as it would be ▓in the traditional duck restaurant," Moss said."From th▓e oven to the racks and hooks, things are exactly as what the Chinese do."The caterer ha▓s also hired 800 top chefs, as well as 124 exe▓cutive chefs from 11 countries, to satisfy every ▓palate.Moss said t

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